OpenSSO Enterprise: Security Product of the Year 2009!

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James posted earlier today on NetBeans sweeping’s Product of the Year awards for 2009. I went to take a look at the details, and what should I see, right at the bottom of the page, but OpenSSO Enterprise won Security Product of the Year! Fantastic recognition of the work that the OpenSSO community has put in over the last three and a half years, still ongoing, of course, but punctuated by the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 release in November. It’s particularly gratifying to read “This year there were no close calls. Each winner won its category with a respectable margin.”.

So… Congratulations to NetBeans (my IDE of choice, of course!), and also to MySQL, which won the Database Tool award with MySQL workbench… And THANK YOU to everyone who voted for OpenSSO Enterprise!



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