OpenSSO Code_Swarm Visualization

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Code_Swarm produces a compelling visualization of the commits over the lifetime of a software project, showing the ebb and flow of development. I put together a video last night showing the history of OpenSSO:

When you watch the video (embedded above in ‘high quality’, thanks to this tip at ‘My Digital Life’), you can see how the project got off to a quiet start (in terms of commits) in mid 2005, then came alive at the very end of October 2005 with the first big code commitment. You can see the web agent code (rendered in yellow) being added in May 2006, then the federation code (purple) in November 2006. After that, it’s pretty much one continuous firework show. One particularly spectacular blast is in late June 2008, when we had to make a global change to the copyright headers:

If you’ve worked on OpenSSO, it’s fun to watch for your name appearing with your first commit - see if you can spot me (‘superpat7’) in March 2007…

Thanks to Rich for the tip.



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