Finishing 2008 with OpenSSO’s Java EE Policy Agents

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I mentioned part 1 of ‘Protecting Applications With Jave EE Policy Agents’ at the beginning of this month; this week sees part 2, with Hua Cui joining Sean and Marina to give more detail on how to deploy OpenSSO’s Java EE Policy Agents for single sign-on within a single DNS domain, configuring several sample Java EE Web applications and having OpenSSO provide single sign-on between them.

And, with that, I’m taking a break until 2009. It’s been an amazing year for OpenSSO - we shipped our first Express release in July, and our first fully supported commercial release, OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, in November. We’ve seen integrations with systems from ActivIdentity 4TRESS to YubiKey (YubiKey was the closest I could get to ‘Z’ :-) ) and deployments from ACA/Telenet to Yota. Dang it! Isn’t there anything OpenSSO-related that begins with ‘Z’?

Meanwhile, on the community side, the number of registered project members has risen from about 550 at the start of 2008 to over 900 today, while the monthly traffic on the OpenSSO Users mailing list has gone up from around 200 messages a month to nearly a thousand. Even the IRC channel is buzzing now, with contributors from Minsk to Shanghai talking OpenSSO around the clock. If you haven’t yet dipped your toes in the OpenSSO water, perhaps now’s the time to get started?



Marina Sum

Congratulations for the phenomenal growth of the OpenSSO community, Pat. Such heartening statistics!

And kudos to Superpatterns, too. You've been keeping everyone very well informed of the progress of OpenSSO and other identity-related matters through this blog, let alone that your humor never fails to crack me up. Take a bow.

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