ActivIdentity 4TRESS Authentication Module for OpenSSO/Access Manager

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Marina Sum (who must be just about the busiest tech author at Sun Developer Network these days!) has co-written an article with Michelle Cope, of Sun’s ISV Engineering team, on integrating Sun Java System Access Manager with ActivIdentity 4TRESS Authentication Server.

The article shows how you can use Access Manager’s session upgrade feature to protect particularly sensitive resources with the one-time password (OTP) authentication schemes in 4TRESS.

What is particularly interesting about this integration is that the complete source code is available as an OpenSSO Extension; if you already have ActivIdentity 4TRESS, you can read the article, download the source, build the authentication module and deploy it into Access Manager or OpenSSO. If you don’t have 4TRESS, then call the good people at ActivIdentity, and tell them Pat sent you



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