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At JavaPolis last year, I met with the folks from ACA IT-Solutions and (Dutch/French/English) to discuss their deployment of OpenSSO. At last, I’m able to talk about this publicly, so here we are. is Belgium’s largest cable operator, providing internet access, digital TV and telecom services to millions of customers across the country. Last year, ACA IT-Solutions, an independent Java EE solution provider working across the Benelux region, built an authorization solution with a centralized policy administration point (PAP), but distributed policy enforcement points (PEPs), all built on OpenSSO’s authentication. As ACA IT’s Wim Van Lommel says:

“We developed the web interface and security back-end service. These modules were aligned with the underlying open source access management mechanism OpenSSO. The access to the source code of OpenSSO enabled us to reuse the access management mechanism and create an integrated security solution for Telenet.”

You can read more in the inaugural February 2008 edition of LSEC’s Information Security Industry Report

A great example of the difference that source code access makes to system integrators!



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