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I joined the developer evangelism team at Salesforce in October 2010, nearly five and a half years ago. It’s been a fantastic run, but it’s time for me to move on, and today will be my last day with Salesforce. Over the past few years I’ve worked with Apex, Visualforce, the APIs, Heroku, Salesforce Identity and, most recently, the Internet of Things, but, more than any of the technologies, it’s the people that have made Salesforce special for me. I’ve worked with the best developer marketing team in the industry, and the most awesome community of admins and developers. So, what next? Starting on Monday I’ll be ‘Community Champion’ at StreamSets, a San Francisco-based startup focused on open source big data ingest. I’ll be blogging at their Continuous Ingest Blog, speaking at conferences (including GlueCon, coming up in May), tweeting, and learning all about this ‘big data’ thing I keep hearing about. Thank you, Salesforce, for my #dreamjob, and all the fun times over the years. It’s been a blast!




Pat- Your mention of the IRC community helped us get off the ground and your contributions in the community helped make it what it is today. Thanks for all you’ve done, and best of luck in what sounds like an incredibly awesome opportunity!



Thank you for all your contributions .Its been amazing learning from your articles on identity and oauth .Best of luck for your future endeavors .

Cheryl Feldman

Sad day for salesforce admins and devs everywhere. Thank you for always encouraging me and making me feel like I belonged when so many people in my career told me I didn’t belong or could never be a developer.

Wishing you all the best in your new role. They are lucky to have you.

Zach McElrath

Pat, excited to hear about the new opportunity. You will be missed! It’s impossible to quantify all you’ve done for the SF community over the past 5 years - you’ve left a rich legacy, for sure. Hard to know where to start in recounting all of your contributions that folks will continue to benefit from for years to come. I’ve probably read “Digging Deeper into OAuth 2.0 on” at least a dozen times :) Thanks for all your help in launching SF StackExchange. Oh I’m going to stop, there’s too many things you’ve done to try to recount them all. Best wishes!


Pat, I’m echoing Zach. Thank you for all your contributions and we’ll miss you! Good luck with your new role! I’m sure you’ll miss us too and you’ll jump on IRC now and then :)

Martijn Schwarzer

Pat, thanks for all your hard work during your time at Salesforce. Your articles gave me a deeper understanding of a lot of development related topics and basically boosted my career. You’ve been an inspiration and I wish you all the best for the future.

Calvin Noronha

Hi Pat, Your articles on OAuth and Identity in particular have helped me so much. Also, they have given me a keen insight into how technical articles are written. It is almost amazing to see how you managed to explain such challenging concepts so concisely. I will try to imbibe some of this for sure. I am speaking at DF this year about OAuth and obviously most of it will be based on what you started for the SFDC community. So I thank you and will continue to follow you. Godspeed!

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