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I posted an entry yesterday listing the 5 (so far!) bloggers from Access Manager engineering. I realized that there are a load more folks in Sun, but outside AM engineering, blogging about AM and OpenSSO. Here is a list that I will update as and when. There is a fuzzy boundary here - if you are in the list and you don’t think you should be, then let me know. Similarly, if someone is not in the list and they should be, then let me know. Comments or email are fine. I’m including folks’ functional area so that readers have some idea of what to expect from the different blogs - for instance - the field folk tend to have a wider focus than AM engineering :-)

UPDATE - all of the below blogs are aggregated at Planet OpenSSO.


Product Management



CTO Office

‘The Field’



Varun Paramala

Hai I am new to this OpenSso. I have successfully installed GlassFish Application server and when i am trying to deploy opensso.war into it the directory structure should be CVS/ legal/ lightbulb/ products/ resources/ www/ but what i am getting is completely different. I am stuck at this point. please help me regards varun


Hi Varun, please go to OpenSSO Mailing Lists, sign up for users@opensso and ask this question there. I’m on vacation right now, so can’t help you here at all. In general, the users@opensso mailing list is by far the best venue for these sort of questions.

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