Gizmo Project

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As Jeff says - Gizmo is a SIP-based VOIP client. Like Skype, but based on open standards. It works great on Ubuntu - just grab the Debian download and do sudo dpkg --install /home/pat/download/gizmo-project_1.1.0.40_i386.deb. I’m still tyre-kicking, but what I’ve see so far looks good. Plus, it even runs on my Nokia 770, turning that little beastie into a wifi phone - result!



David Orme

Feature-wise, Gizmo is light years ahead of Skype. But in my experience, SIP is its bane.

Folks who have good upstream bandwidth probably won't notice but people with marginal upstream bandwidth get bad call quality. And while they do various hacks to traverse NATs, it sadly isn't able to get across some of them (like where I work right now).

They would do much better to support IAX, the Asterisk native protocol. It's a binary protocol, so it's much more efficient. And it is automatically NAT-transparant. IAX gets past even the super-tight security at some places where I currently frequent.

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