Priority 1 Documentation Bug in Directory Editor

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Warning - for mature audiences only. The following post contains material of a juvenile nature and should not be viewed by anyone lacking a sense of humour. If you’re really quick, you’ll catch a P1 documentation bug in Sun Java System Directory Editor just before it’s fixed. Here’s a cap in case the real page is gone by the time you read this (click to enlarge): Now, that first entry under ‘People’ really shouldn’t be there… 😃 The screenshot was taken of a ‘development’ directory - I’m guessing the engineer was testing a quoted multi-word field in ‘firstname’ and just typed in the first thing that came to mind… Anyway, some context, for the non-British English speakers out there:

  • Bollocks = testicles
  • Dog’s bollocks = excellent, as in “This beer is the dog’s bollocks, mate!”
  • Directory Editor = A J2EE-based web application that enables you to quickly and easily manage directory data. Ships as part of Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition.
  • Ezra Simeloff = Top developer, now in the Sun Identity Manager team. Truly, Ez is the dog’s bollocks when it comes to Java programming.

So - a lesson to us all - carefully proofread screenshots before they go live. 😃



Rich Sharples

I’m glad to see Ezra used the correct English spelling - ‘bollocks’ rather than ‘bollox’ - some things are worth holding onto (er, the English language I mean).

  • Rich
Robin Wilton


This is cutting-edge linguistics, but I think I’m right in asserting that the ‘bollox’ spelling is only correct when using the verb form of the word, as in “you’ve completely bolloxed up the online documentation, Ez” …


Andy Gliozzo

My favorite accidental release came from an Apple programmer who was working on printer definition files to allow HP printers to work with Apple’s laser printer driver. When he checked in his code, he forgot to remove the part that caused the driver to prominently display the phrase “Icky Poo” in the print dialog, anytime an HP printer was being used. I know the programmer, and he truly thought that HP printers were disgusting crap! Thanx to a shortcutted QA cycle, the driver was released and his feelings were conveyed to HP, and quite a few customers, loud and clear. Why piss off just one developer, when you can go ahead and offend an entire company and their customer base too?!!

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