Not Just a Spectator Sport - Identity Management in the Participation Age

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As both Eve Maler and Robin Wilton mentioned the other day, Robin, Eve and I recently co-wrote an article for the new EDS Agility Alliance magazine synnovation. The article explores the changing nature of digital identity as we leave the ‘information age’ (the Internet as the ‘great database in the sky’) and enter the ‘participation age’ (participants contributing to the read/write web). The magazine is aimed at the CxO, so we go easy on technical details, focusing instead on the social and business implications of the evolution of digital identity.

Note that the online magazine requires a free viewer. As this viewer is currently only available for Windows and Mac, the synnovation people kindly supplied me with a PDF for those of us who use more - uh - ‘Unixy’ desktop operating systems. Many thanks to EDS for their permission to post this document.

Give it a read, and feel free to leave comments here.


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