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Quick Update on Planet Identity

less than 1 minute read

Planet Identity (PId) mostly runs itself, thanks to Sam Ruby’s excellent Planet Venus; usually, the only maintenance required is to add new subscriptions as ...

Node.js Chat Demo on Heroku

4 minute read

STOP! If you’re just getting started with Node.js and/or Heroku, then go read James Ward’s excellent Getting Started with Node.js on The Cloud, then come bac...

Superpatterns Reboot

less than 1 minute read

You’ll probably have noticed that things have been pretty quiet here at Superpatterns this past few months - mainly because the blog has been the o...

OpenAM, the Book

less than 1 minute read

Regular readers will know that I moved on from my role as community lead for OpenSSO some time ago, first to Huawei, then, a few months ago, to

Planet Identity Up and Running Again

less than 1 minute read

A couple of folks (Hi Eve, Ash!) pinged me over the past couple of days to report problems with Planet Identity - specifically, the site was up, but hadn’t a...