Quick Update on Planet Identity

less than 1 minute read

Planet Identity (PId) mostly runs itself, thanks to Sam Ruby’s excellent Planet Venus; usually, the only maintenance required is to add new subscriptions as folks submit interesting feeds. Very rarely I remove a feed from PId, usually because it’s dead, but occasionally because the feed content doesn’t quite ‘fit’ PId. Over the past few days a couple of people mentioned that Dave KearnsIdM Journal, while a fine selection of links to relevant content, seems out of place amongst the ‘primary source’ articles at Planet Identity. I agreed, and, Dave having no objection, I’ve removed IdM Journal from PId. If you want to continue receiving IdM Journal, just point your feed reader at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/idmjournal/LhRB. Do feel free to leave any suggestions for PId in the comments here, and have a good weekend, identity folk!


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