OpenSSO and Liferay

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Via James McGovern comes the news that Liferay Portal now supports OpenSSO. Prashant Dighe blogged the recipe for integrating OpenSSO with Liferay, and Brian Chan picked it up and rolled it into Liferay itself:

We just integrated the code snippets into Liferay so users can easily integrate with OpenSSO by just going to the Enterprise Admin portlet and entering the right settings. No more code or properties changes.

This sort of thing is just great to see - new OpenSSO integrations bubbling up from the community. Keep ‘em coming!




Hi pat,
I use the OPENSSO and I am trying to integrate it to Liferay, but I am having some problems:
At the time of login, the page is redirected to OPENSSO and returns to liferay successfully, but returns with guest user and not the user who logged in OPENSSO.
You would have some advice?
I thank the attention!
I am using opensso 4.5 and LifeRay 5.0.1

Pat Patterson

Hi Jonathan,

Have you checked out the OpenSSO/Liferay wiki page at ? You might find some help there. Otherwise you could try the OpenSSO mailing list:

1. Go to and register for a account.

2. Go to and request 'Observer' role on OpenSSO.

3. Go to and subscribe to '[email protected]'.




Thanks for helping PAT but I am already registered in all these communities, I just posted on his blog hoping that you might have some other hint .... :)
Thank you.

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