I’m the Leader, I’m the Leader…

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…I’m the Leader of the Gang (I Am)!!! I know - Gary Glitter has fallen long and hard, but it’s still a great song and appropriate for today - Gartner has placed Sun Java System Access Manager in the leader quadrant of their Magic Quadrant for Web Access Management, 2H07 [PDF]. I happen to think that they have under-rated us somewhat on our completeness of vision, but I can’t argue with the rating on ability to execute.

One thing worth mentioning is that one of the ‘cons’ listed for Sun - “Sun does not support ADFS/WS-Federation in its federation tools” - will be addressed in the next release - Federated Access Manager 8.0 - and is already in OpenSSO. So, if your existing infrastructure leans to the MS side, but you need world-class web access management, federation, identity web services and more, scoot on over to OpenSSO and take a look.




I'm currently evaluating Access Managers for a large scottish financial firm and found Pat's blog really useful. Since we both have an appreciation for single malts, thought I'd add this.

If only gartner would classify according to malt whisky:

OpenSSO Build 1: a high proof 10year old islay - firey in places, a bit harsh round the edges and has no labeling on the bottle - although, if you search around, you will find bits of information in the still house and in some bars.

Sun AM 7.1: an older and smoother highland malt, like a dalwhinnie or perhaps a glenturret, in a nice display box with accompanying booklet on how it was made and how to drink it. Not everyone would have heard of it, but those that do rave about it.

See if you can guess the rest:
Web Access Manager 1: of campbeltown origin, old and accomplished but bloody hard to find this side of sotherby's. costs each time you take a sip but oddly enough a lot of people have it. Perhaps an old Springbank.

Web Access Manager 2: comes with glass, leather chair, carpet, a fireplace and indeed an entire island off the west coast. Doesn't really work by without it all. The top can only be unscrewed by any of the distillery's consultancy staff.

Web Access Manager 3: buy 1 get 5 free from the student bar. This vatted malt 3 year old has a 90% grain blend although you will have to add some flavouring yourself. It is completely transparent like a glengoyne, could strip paint - but the kids love it.


Pat Patterson

I like it, Callum. Yeah - the goal is that OpenSSO matures into a 16 year old Lagavulin by the time it becomes Federated Access Manager 8.0. Hopefully it will take less than 6 years!

As for your puzzle... #1 is CA (Nete as was) SiteMinder, #2 has to be IBM/Tivoli. #3... Hmm... Novell, maybe? Oracle/Oblix?

I'll send your comment on to Earl and Ray at Gartner. Who knows, maybe they'll change the magic quadrant format next time round? ;-)


:-) 2 out of three is not bad going!

The older Lagavulin's are interesting - a bit too much iodine/seaweed for me, but then the sea water does hit the side of the bonded warehouses - there is pretty much no landmass from the shore to Nova Scotia, so they get some pretty big weather there...

Looking forward to seeing FAM


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