Not really a gauntlet…

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Eric Norlin at PingID commented on my response to PingID’s recent press release on federation-enabling Windows logon. I wasn’t really throwing down the gauntlet, more pointing out the - shall we say - exaggeration that (quoting from the press release)

This makes it possible, for the first time, to provide seamless single sign-on access to remote resources and applications across autonomous security domains and corporate boundaries - from the Windows desktop logon via SAML.

I am a nice guy, really, Eric. If you’re going to be at Digital ID World next week then do stop by the Sun stand and say “Hi!” - that goes for anyone reading this. I’ll be there every day - if you want to chat and I’m not on the stand when you’re passing, then ask one of the other Sun folks when I’ll be around.



eric norlin

ah yes - so good point, i should’ve caveated that statement with “in a federation product” because, of course, the IdM suites have it. well, you know us marketing guys ;-) I’ll be at DIDW (i’d better, i own part of it), and i look fwd to mtg.

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