Groups and Roles

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Rohan Pinto posts on the subject of groups and roles. Following on from Rohan’s excellent description, there is one more salient detail. Roles and Groups are implemented (at least in Sun’s Directory Server) in very different ways:

  • A group contains a collection of member DNs. Navigating from a group object to its members is very fast. Finding the groups to which a given object belongs requires a search. The classic use for a group is a mailing list. Given a list name, I need to find the members so I can forward the email to them.
  • By contrast, a member object contains a list of DNs representing the roles to which it belongs. Navigating from an object to its roles is very fast. Finding the members of a role requires a search. The classic use for a role is in (surprise, surprise!) role-based access control. Given a user, I need to find the roles so I can provide access to appropriate resources.

There is much more to it than that - here is an excellent reference to groups and roles in Sun’s Directory Server - but the description above should help guide you in deciding between groups and roles for a particular application.


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