JavaOne 2006 San Francisco - TS-6673 - Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices

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Rajeev Angal and I will be presenting ‘Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices’ next week at JavaOne 2006 in San Francisco. Here’s the blurb from the session catalog at the JavaOne website:

Session ID: TS-6673

Session Title: Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices

Session Abstract: JSR 172, the Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Web Services Specification, is a key Java ME specification that defines APIs enabling mobile devices to invoke web services.

Mobile devices are becoming an ever more popular means of transacting business; at the same time carriers and service providers are looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and cater to the ever increasing demand to provide more services to their consumers. This session describes a means of securely providing access to web resources and web services using open standards such as OASIS SAML V2.0 and Liberty ID-WSF from a Java ME enabled mobile device.

Wireless carriers act as Identity Providers (IdPs) in business alliances known as ‘Circles of Trust’ (CoTs), authenticating customers and providing them secure access to a range of Service Providers (SPs). This federated model gives customers a seamless experience that is much more than the sum of its parts. For example, a wireless carrier could form a CoT with itself as IdP and SPs providing services such as email, calendar, mapping, weather, hotel reservations, travel information and ringtones. A customer authenticates at the wireless carrier - the carrier then provides secure single sign-on to each SP via signed assertions of the customer’s identity.

As we move from simple single sign-on to identity web services, this federated environment forms the basis for providing a portfolio of services to the customer. For instance, the wireless carrier could host a location service enabling SPs to provide value-added services such as weather and hotel reservations based on the customer’s current location.

The Liberty ID-WSF and OASIS SAML V2.0 standards provide the necessary security characteristics such as privacy, confidentiality, user consent and non-repudiation to make such interactions work in a federated environment. This session will show developers how a Java ME enabled mobile device can use JSR 172 to leverage ID-WSF and SAML V2.0 in accessing federated services and providing real value to customers.

Session Topic: JAVA ME

Session Type: Advanced How-Tos

Speaker/s & Speaker/s Company: Rajeev Angal, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Pat Patterson, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Date: Friday May 19 2006

Time: 2:30pm

Location: Moscone Center Esplanade 301

Join Rajeev and I next Friday and discover how to implement your own mobile federated web services. Or federated mobile web services. Anyway - see you next Friday.


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