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It’s time to do a little housekeeping over at Planet Identity. First, the easy stuff… The feeds for Dmitry Shechtman (feed) and Trusted Network Technologies (feed) have been returning 404 since I-don’t-know-when, so I’ve deleted them from the subscription list. If you know the current whereabouts of Dmitry’s or TNT’s blogs, then please leave a comment, or email me (if you’re reading this in your RSS reader, then just click through to Planet Identity or Superpatterns - my email address is in the sidebar on both.)

Now, the hard stuff. Shelley Powers (feed) and Doc Searls (feed) both write entertaining, lucid, insightful prose, but most of it is not about identity. I’ve resisted removing folks from the subscription list for some time, but I had some really good feedback at the recent IIW on the usefulness of Planet Identity and how it would benefit from more focus. So, if you want to carry on reading Shelley and Doc, do what I just did - subscribe to them directly - those feed URLs again - Shelley, Doc.

Much as I enjoy playing (more or less) benevolent dictator (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!), Planet Identity is there for you, the readers. If you have an opinion, either way, on any of these changes, then please leave me a comment. If you’d rather express your opinion to me privately, then, again, my email address is on the sidebar at both Planet Identity and Superpatterns.

With that, I’ll bid you a good day and leave you to the ever-widening river of news…




Thanks for providing Planet Identity, I enjoy reading most of the articles (and yes, I'll subscribe to Doc's and Shelley's feeds, if just for the reason that I got so used to them ;))

I got a question: can you include feeds into Planet Identity which are filtered by a certain tag? This way you could keep Doc and Shelley in, filtering their feeds by, say, identity or identity management. It would allow to keep the focus much better, also for other feeds.

Eric Norman

The conventional tag, such as "identity", seems like a good idea. At least on paper.

But would enough people remember to tag their article so that it's included? Or would that result just be to miss a lot of articles that should be included?

Would folks learn and remember what they need to do to get their articles included?

Personally, I agree with you about the content of Doc and Shelly; I also have a few more I would add. However, I don't have any problem skipping over their articles if I don't want to read them. So it's not really much of a deal either way to me.

Pat Patterson

Hi Toby,

Yes, I certainly can include feeds filtered by tags. If anyone wants to give me a tagged URL (e.g. ) and tag their posts accordingly I'm happy to make the addition/change.

The downside is that you have to add that tag to EVERY (forgive the CAPS - I would use italics, but HTML is not allowed in comments on now) post you want to show up on Planet Identity. I don't do that myself, because > 80% of my posts are related to identity, so it's a bit redundant. It's also good to have a little spice (that's my excuse for the whisky postings - - showing up on Planet Identity :-) ), so I've left the feeds that are MOSTLY about identity.

Shelley uses tags, but has only one post tagged identity ( ). Doc doesn't seem to use tags at all, so there doesn't seem to be an easy answer.

It is tricky finding the balance. Thanks for bringing up the tagging option.


I think your decision is a good one. I don't write on identity very much. If I did, I would more likely tag it SemanticWeb, but that also includes other things.

I think you're better off is leaving me off. Thanks for having listed me, Pat.

Pamela Dingle

Not sure if this is a feed messup or what, but Guy Huntington's blog entries have always shown up as associated to Novell - if you are housekeeping, it might we worth looking at that while you're at it :)

Thanks for this great service Pat - I read it religiously...


Pat Patterson

Shelley/Doc - thanks for commenting and salving my conscience :-)

Pamela - duh - not sure why that was ever the case - I've fixed it now - thanks for the catch.

I've also corrected a couple of feed URLs for ex-Sun folk and deleted a couple of others.

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