Free Online OpenSSO Training

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Tonnes and tonnes (just back from the very metric New Zealand) of OpenSSO news from the last few weeks, but this just in - OpenSSO training maestro David Goldsmith has just released a FREE (as in beer) training course: WSPL-AM-3508-D: OpenSSO Deployment. As David mentions on the OpenSSO Training Page, all you need to do is grab a My Sun account (if you haven’t already got one) and get stuck in.

I’ve been in to take a look around, and it’s classy stuff - a 138 page student workbook plus a downloadable VM with Solaris 10, all the tarballs you’ll need and even Solaris Zones and ZFS all set up to let you skip sections, roll back from mistakes, try alternate scenarios - whatever you like. If you’ve been itching to move beyond the basic “Deploy WAR file, configure identity provider, create Fedlet, deploy Fedlet, marvel at its magnificence” recipe and into the strange and exciting world of multiple OpenSSO instances, load balancers, failover and more, let David be your guide



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