Attend an OpenSSO Community Day, Save €€€!

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As Daniel just blogged, attendees at our second OpenSSO Community Day, to be held at the Deutsches Museum in Munich on May 5 2009, can get a 20% discount off their registration for the European Identity Conference 2009, which is kindly hosting us during their conference week. Just quote OPENSSO when you register and you’ll get the discount. As Daniel says “We will be passing an attendance list to Kuppinger-Cole so you need to show-up to our community day to get this discount”.

Meanwhile, looking at our first OpenSSO Community Day, in New York City, on March 17 (yes, St Patrick’s Day; no, that wasn’t intentional - honest!) we blew past our original estimate of one man and a dog and had to move it to a bigger room. We’re now in the Shorin Performance Studio on the 8th floor of the Kimmel Center.

Currently leading in the unofficial “furthest travelled attendee” contest for New York looks to be Kimimasa, flying in from Japan. Can anyone beat that? Any OpenSSO community members in Perth, Australia?


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