At Last - Penelope Trunk Blogs

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I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Penelope Trunk’s weekly career advice column - from way back when she was known only as ‘Brazen Careerist’ and wrote for Business 2.0 and then Penelope’s writing is always sharp, funny and thought-provoking.

So, I’m delighted to discover today, via her latest email column, appropriately titled “Blogging is Essential to a Standout Career”, that Penelope now blogs.

The reason that I’m so happy is that Penelope so often gives sound advice; I can now link to it and add my own commentary. This week’s piece, mentioned above, is no exception. If you’ve hesitated to start blogging, read it and take the plunge. In fact, I would add an ‘item 0’ (sorry, I’m a techie ) to Penelope’s list of 8 reasons to blog: Blogging sharpens your mind. I always find that explaining a topic to somebody else cements it in my own mind. Writing for a (potentially) large, unknown audience, forces me to get my own thinking straight.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Penelope!

May 26 2005 - UPDATE Penelope moved her blog to her own domain - - I’ve updated the links above.



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