Victory in the Sun-IBM Dopplr Challenge!

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the challenge that James Governor of Redmonk (aka ‘Monkchips’) set - “who is coolest from a Dopplr perspective- IBM or Sun?”. The idea was to see who could add the most Dopplr members over the next week - Sun or IBM. IBM, of course, have 10x the headcount that Sun have, but surely, surely, Sun are at least 10x cooler, from a Dopplr, or any other perspective…?

Well, the numbers are out, and the answer is… Sun! Of course! It was a close run thing, but we pulled it off. Now to celebrate by going and adding another trip to my Dopplr profile - IIW 2007b in Mountain View, CA, December 3-5 2007.


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