Talisker Distillers Edition - finished in Jerez Amoroso wood

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With an annoying cold on my chest, tonight seems like a night for Talisker - that most warming of single malts. I have the ‘Distiller’s Edition’ - distilled in 1986 and finished in casks that previously contained Jerez Aromoso. Talisker is the Isle of Skye’s only distillery, and has a reputation for fiery, peppery malts. The Distiller’s Edition is mellowed by the sherry finish, but the fire is definitely still there. I’m afraid, due to my cold, I can’t report on the ‘nose’, but from recollection, it has a nutty, toffee aroma. Tasting it, the toffee is definitely there, giving way to pepper with a hint of seaweed. The pepper continues in the finish with a salty seaside tang.
If the regular Talisker is a bit much for you (are you listening, Ken?), this might be just your cup of tea glass of malt. Mmmm - I feel better already!



j. a. woods

“But I have dreamt a dreary dream, Beyond the Isle of Skye; I saw a dead man win a fight and I ken that man was I.” – ballad of Chevy Chase ……………..either this, or today’s revelation of deep throat reminds me – i simply must drink that bottle of 1953 talisker before i die! – j. a. woods, retiarius laboratories


The fact that I am a staunch fan of Oban (http://www.klwines.com/product.asp?sku=620023) shouldn’t invite such derision. Oh well, I’ll be happy to take the arrows and drink your whiskey any time.


1953 Talisker, eh? Well, j. a. woods, I’ll be happy to help you drink that one!
Ken - you’re always welcome to come for a dram or two. Or three. Or…

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