Sun Secure Global Desktop and OpenSSO Integration

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Sun Solution Architect Joachim Andres (aided and abetted by Paul Walker and Andy Hall) has just written up an integration [PDF] of OpenSSO with Sun Secure Global Desktop. Secure Global Desktop (SGD for short) provides secure access to centralized Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mainframe and Midrange applications from a wide range of popular client devices, including Microsoft Windows PCs, Solaris OS Workstations, thin clients and more (can you tell I cut’n’pasted that from the product page? ). One of the most interesting client interfaces to SGD is via a Web browser - you can see it in the demo I recorded with Michael Coté of Redmonk - which brings it into OpenSSO’s sphere of control.

This integration is a great example of the use of policy agents with existing applications - the policy agent sets the REMOTE_USER server variable and SGD is configured to pick that up rather than use its own login page. With that, and a tweak to SGD’s logout logic to send the browser to OpenSSO’s logout page, we have a very neat integration. Check it out [PDF].



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