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Remember I was blogging about the great people you get to work with here at Sun? Well, one of the best is Don Bowen, Product Line Manager for Directory Server. I first met Don in Munich at the Burton Catalyst Conference in 2002 - gosh, was it really only 2½ years ago? Don knows everybody in the industry - he was working in identity management before it was even called identity management. If you’re on LinkedIn, his profile is here. If you’re not on LinkedIn, and you work in tech, sign up, RIGHT NOW! It’s the single most efficient mode of networking I know, and a great way to get back in touch with people you used to work with.
Anyway - back to the point. Don has recorded a ‘Take 10’ - a < 10 minute presentation on Directory Server Enterprise Edition (‘DSEE’), explaining why we now talk about the directory service rather than a directory server and the huge functionality included as standard in DSEE. There is also a white paper explaining in more detail just what we mean by a ‘directory service’.
Go take a look, and feel free to leave a comment here with feedback - I’ll make sure it gets to Don.



Jaime Cardoso

Unfortunatelly, I don’t have bandwidth to see the Webcast, if only sun would put them available for Download, … About Don Bowen, if you know him, please convince him to start bloging, There are not enouth people talking about JES inside Sun’s weblogs and, you need to do a much better job reaching to people (both in and out of Sun). The talk about Directory Services is important but, so is the talk about Directory Server (you only have the best LDAP server, don’t be quiet about it).
If this guy has something to say in DS development, he has my congratulations, I’m using it since version 2 and, the improvement has been obvious. Now, he (and you, and me, and, …) have to reach more people and not be afraid to laugh every time someone mentions the advantages of A.D., OpenLDAP, M-Vault, Openwave LDAP, eDirectory or whatever.


Hey Jaime - I’ll investigate whether we can download them. I would imagine that there’s some way you can persuade your browser to save the flash file.
I’ve forwarded your comments to Don, and invited him to comment here. You might want to take a look at Ludovic Poitou’s blog - Ludo is a technical architect on Directory Server.
And, of course, you’re absolutely right about our Directory Server :-)


Hi Jaime - I just looked at the online presentation - unfortunately, it’s not a single Shockwave Flash file, so downloading it is very non-trivial. Sorry :-(

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