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UPDATE - it’s a challenge - IBM vs Sun. Let’s beat them down!!!

James Governor writes today, encouraging IBM’ers to sign up to Dopplr. Chatting with James, the sentiment is by no means exclusive to IBM - Sun is also a member of the ‘Dopplr 100’ - any Sun employee can sign up to Dopplr with their Sun email address, no invite needed. Here is a tweaked version of James’ call to action, explaining why you need Dopplr…

Dopplr is a really cool application that makes it easier for distributed teams to get together. Its essentially a trip planning application but with a strong social element. Do you ever go to a city and then a week later find out that someone on your team was there too and you didn’t know it? Sun today is a truly globalised company, and I know this happens a lot. Many is the time I have seen a Sun person really happy to finally meet someone they have worked closely together for years. So why not accelerate your serendipity with Dopplr.

Dopplr is currently still in limited beta (isn’t everything cool) and normally people can’t register unless they are invited. But
but the firm is savvy enough to have introduce what it calls the Dopplr 100 - that is 100 firms that can self-register. That is Dopplr is saying Sun is one of the cool kids. Sign up here.

disclosure: I share an office with Matt, but I loved the app before I did.
Further disclosure: Matt will think I am super lame if none of you sign up. So get to it.

Go sign up - if you know me, you can share your trips with me here.


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