Shameless Self Promotion

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Last year, Pirasenna Velandai Thiyagarajan (Piras to his friends) and I co-presented a webinar titled ‘Federated Identity, Access Control, and Single Sign-On’. The webinar covered

    • the basics of single sign-on and access control in the enterprise
    • a simple example of SAML cross domain single sign on, with code samples
    • a more complex example of identity aware web services using the Liberty Web Services Framework (WSF)

If you’re wondering what I sound like, click the link above to find out.

Piras and I later teamed up with Marina Sum to write a technical article on the same topic.

These are great resources for anyone getting to grips with SSO and federation - but then, I would say that, wouldn’t I :-)

Look out for another technical article later this year, showing step-by-step how WSF can identity-enable a simple web service.


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