RSA Conference 2008 - Concordia done, OSIS to go

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If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, I was holed up preparing our interoperability demo for the Project Concordia workshop at RSA 2008 today, showing SAML 2.0/WS-Federation single sign-on from a service provider to an identity provider, the identity provider authenticating the user via a managed information card and sending claims from the card to the service provider as SAML 2.0 attributes. Note - if you clicking around there, not every combination of SAML 2.0/WS-Federation SP, IdP and Information Card STS completely works, but enough that the approach was proven. As promised, Here are the slides from my presentation today.

So… Tomorrow and Wednesday are OSIS I3 Interop, in Purple Room 220/222. Come along, say hi and check out how we’re doing on those interoperability matrices



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