Roller Tip: #showNextPreviousControl()

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I noticed that, although there is a set of links at the top of my blog page to navigate by pages of content (that thing that says “**« Prev Main Next »**”, or something similar), there isn’t one at the bottom. It seems logical that, when you get to the bottom of a page of content, you’d want to go to the next without scrolling all the way up to the top of the page.

There used to be a macro, #showNextPreviousLinks(), that did this, but it now outputs just

showNextPreviousLinks() is no longer needed as next/prev links are
built-into the  macro.

I guess #showWeblogEntries() is supposed to go in that double-space gap between ‘the’ and ‘macro’. BTW - thanks to the Roller team for doing this and not just silencing the macro - quality code!

A bit of googling searching using the Google search engine, tells me that there is a shiny new macro, called by #showWeblogEntries() that does exactly what I want - #showNextPreviousControl(). Slip it in after #showWeblogEntries() and there they are - navigation links at the bottom of the page. Cool!


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