Project Liberty Adoption - Wow!

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Wow - I just looked at the new Project Liberty market adoption page. It seems we’ve been hiding the Liberty light under a bushel - particularly when you look at adoption in the Telecommunications and Online Service Provider segments. One of the strengths of the Liberty specifications is that they can become transparent infrastructure - AOL users don’t need to know that Liberty’s Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) is being used to link AOL’s services with third-party applications. On the other hand, this doesn’t lend itself to market awareness.

Congratulations and thanks to Britta, Lauren and the rest of the Liberty Business and Marketing Expert Group (BMEG) for driving this to completion, and to all Liberty members who contributed information. If you know of a Liberty deployment that is not listed, then please submit it online. As you can see from the current list, you can be listed anonymously or even not at all. In the latter case, the information is still valuable for aggregate measures such as ‘total number of Liberty-enabled devices and identities’


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