OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Launch Coverage

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I covered the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 launch event yesterday - here is a selection of the more interesting articles and quotes in reaction to the announcement:

• Sun’s press release has Chris Harvison, an Enterprise Architect at Scotiabank, looking forward to deploying OpenSSO: “Sun OpenSSO Enterprise brings innovations such as Fedlets and multi-protocol support that will simplify the on-boarding of new federation partners and reduce the costs of doing so. The new tools provide a means to quickly and economically drive SSO across our global organization.”
• In Sun goes commercial with OpenSSO, Network World quotes Gerry Gebel of analyst firm The Burton Group: “We are seeing a growing interest in OpenSSO and open source in general. People are looking for different options on software licensing and support. They are not always happy with the price tag on commercial software licenses.”
• Meanwhile, quotes Andras Cser of Forrester Research in its article Sun launches open source OpenSSO for identity management: “If something is open source, you get a whole community feeling, a community buzz around the product. The features are one thing, but at the end of the day, you really want to have a developer community and commercially available implementation talent for software.”
Felix Gaehtgens of European analysts Kuppinger Cole closes his article Sun’s new Access Manager is now OpenSSO Enterprise “With some sarcasm, many IT professional note that ‘Express’ is a synonym for ‘limited’ and ‘Enterprise’ is a synonym for ‘Expensive’. Sun will have to educate its customers that this is certainly not the case for OpenSSO.” Message received and understood, Felix!
• Finally, Redmonk’s Michael Coté interviews Daniel and me on OpenSSO’s support for single sign-on to software as a service (SSO to SaaS, if you’re feeing terse), including demos of single sign-on to Google and, plus Rajeev’s OpenSSO QuickStart prototype.


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