OpenSSO Community Passes 700 Members

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Over the past few days, the number of participants registered at passed the 700 mark. It was almost exactly a year ago that we passed 400, so we’re currently adding new members at the rate of nearly one a day!

Just to clarify, you can download the OpenSSO binaries and check out the source code without any kind of sign-up whatsoever. You only need to register to file issues, subscribe to the mailing lists and start submitting patches.

It’s not always obvious how the account and OpenSSO membership are related, so here’s a quick 3-step guide to getting onto the OpenSSO mailing lists:

1. Register for a account.
2. Request ‘Observer’ role on OpenSSO.
3. Subscribe to ‘[email protected]’ and/or ‘[email protected].

Both of these mailing lists are moderated - subscribers’ emails go straight to the list, but emails from non-subscribers go into a moderation queue. If you are posting to the OpenSSO lists and wondering why your email hasn’t appeared yet, ensure you are using the email account you registered in step 1!

There are many other ways to participate in the OpenSSO community - here’s a round-up:

OpenSSO Wiki - read and write about OpenSSO
OpenSSO IRC Channel - chat about OpenSSO
OpenSSO CafePress Store - wear OpenSSO
OpenSSO @ Ohloh - delve into OpenSSO’s stats
OpenSSO Facebook Group - decorate your profile
OpenSSO LinkedIn Group - network with other OpenSSO’ers
OpenSSO Plaxo Group - network with even more OpenSSO’ers
OpenSSO Xing Group - network with (mostly) European OpenSSO’ers


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