OpenSSO Build 3

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Yay! OpenSSO v1 Build 3 was released yesterday - as already reported by Tatsuo and Michael. As ever, binaries are available at the OpenSSO download page.

Here’s a full list of fixes in build 3; the big new features in this release are issue 1375: SAML2 Attribute Query and issue 1533: SAML2 Authentication Query and NameID Mapping profile, rounding out our industry-leading support of SAML 2.0, plus support for JBoss 4.x and Geronimo 2.0.2. See the release notes for more.

While we’re on the subject of OpenSSO and the forthcoming FAM 8.0, Michael has put together a nice little series of articles derived from the recent FAM 8.0 ‘transfer of information’ (TOI) from engineering to other stakeholders like QA, docs and training:

Michael’s blog is well worth the subscription - handy hints on OpenSSO and the Federated Access Manager product line accompanied by classic choonz. What more could you want?



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