OpenSSO Build 2 Hits The Street!

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OpenSSO v1 Build 2 hit the wire this morning (CET) - you can grab the binaries for OpenSSO itself and the new agents (see below) at the OpenSSO download page.

Here’s a full list of fixes in build 2, but the two highlights are:

  • Issue 1093: Server configuration is now consolidated into the directory-based configuration system and exposed via the admin console and CLI - previously, several configuration parameters were set in the file. now contains the minimum information required to start OpenSSO.
  • Issue 1099, issue 1103: configuration for Java EE and web agents respectively is also now consolidated into the central configuration system. Previously, all agent configuration was via a properties file on the local file system - now all configuration can be centrally stored and managed via the admin console.

So… go grab the new bits and work through Michael’s quick install guide. Think of it as an early Christmas present


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