Openings in the OpenSSO QA Team

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From Indira, news of three openings in the OpenSSO QA team:

Don’t imagine that ‘QA’ here means ‘click around the UI and see if the system responds according to spec, or at least, doesn’t surprise you too much’… Take a look at the job specs behind those links. You’ll actually be developing the test system for OpenSSO - working with technologies from Python/Jython to LDAP to Java EE, across seven operating systems and server products from at least as many vendors. Not only that, this is an open source project, so part of your work will be to hang out on the OpenSSO mailing lists and IRC channel, and even blog about it all. Yep - get paid for IRC and blogging.

So - if you are smart and gets things done, click on those links, and if you like what you see, apply, and tell them I sent you (we have a referral program)

!!!STOP PRESS!!! More OpenSSO openings:

Plenty of positions there if you’d rather be the one being tortured (product engineering) than the torturer (QA)


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