Open Source builds communities, not software

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James Governor of Redmonk (I might jeopardize our ranking in the next magic quadrant if I say that he’s the best software analyst on the planet. D’oh!) reckons that Open Source Software is Social Media. I agree wholeheartedly - this is exactly what we’re experiencing in OpenSSO. We would be building the next version of Sun Java System Access Manager (sorry - I have to appease the branding gods, and that string gets this blog entry listed on the Access Manager blogs page) regardless. OpenSSO is building a community (btw - we’re up to 432 members now) around the product. Random folks get to use it for cool stuff, we can make that cool stuff available for others, system integrators get to see inside the product and do a better job for our mutual customers, and we get feedback from the community at the earliest possible opportunity - from the design docs or code itself. Not to mention contributions from the wider community - the building software bit. It’s a win all round. Except for our competitors. Shame, that.

I’ll leave it to James and the other analysts to figure out where Open Source makes sense and where it doesn’t, but, I have to say, it’s working for us!

UPDATE - bonus customer quote from a Software Engineer at Google: “I like the fact that I can look at your source and give it to my security guys and get the blessing. That’s the main reason I’m looking at Sun’s stuff and not some closed source vendor”



Pat Patterson

OK - I went for the sensationalist headline :-) FOSS builds communities which build software, so you’re right, Paul - FOSS does build communities and software - the latter transitively :-)

james governor

weird. just got a google alert about this today. lovely way to start the day, drinking coffee in a little place in Saint Pauls, reading that I am the best software analyst on the planet… GUFFAW!

how you doing pat? how are the chips falling?

Pat Patterson

Hi James - that would be because I spent some time going through my blog fixing broken links to images and such - Google must have reindexed the page as a result.

Doing OK - 9 days into an 11 day business trip to China. Looking forward to flying home soon :-)

Will catch you on Skype sometime for a proper chat…

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