Mobile Web Services, SIM Strong Authentication, Java/.NET Integration

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I had three emails today pointing to various useful documents. No reviews as yet, I’m simply pointing these out as ‘looking interesting’

Two of the pointers were to new resources for identity in the telco space. One is pretty expensive, the other is free. Hmm - I wonder which will of the following two links will get the most traffic?

  • Mobile Web Services : Architecture and Implementation - Frederick Hirsch, John Kemp, Jani Ilkka.
    If you’ve worked with Nokia or Liberty then Frederick Hirsch and John Kemp will be familiar names to you. I know Frederick from Liberty meetings; John only by reputation and his contributions to the Liberty mailing lists. This book looks like a soup-to-nuts explanation of web services in the mobile telco space. At $80 it’s expensive, but, if you work in this space, it looks like a good investment.
  • Offering SIM Strong Authentication to Internet Services - Dr. Do van Thanh et al.
    This whitepaper, published on the Liberty website, presents an approach to strong authentication using the GSM SIM card, as implemented in a proof-of-concept in Oslo. Free download, so worth a read if the title means anything to you.
  • Moving away from the telco market, the third resource, Java EE and .NET Interoperability : Integration Strategies, Patterns, and Best Practices by Marina Fisher et al, explains interop between the two environments from a number of angles - web services, messaging, transactions and much more. Much of my time now is spent working on integrating Sun’s identity products with Microsoft. While the synopsis of this book doesn’t specifically call it out, identity is an enabler for many of the technologies mentioned.


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