Lost my Wikipedia Virginity

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I was nosing about on Wikipedia the other day when I noticed a link to a page for Sun Java System Access Manager. The link went to the standard ‘editing’ page, so I decided to register at Wikipedia and create my first entry. Quite painless. The entry is a stub, and I’m not sure how much I can add without falling foul of Wikipedia’s policy on spam. As it stands, I think the stub is useful context, particularly as the link was already present in a couple of pages. I guess I’ll sit back and see if anyone posts a request for expansion.



Phil Boswell

Nice little article for a beginner: that’s actually a very good size, not bloated like so many. It was also nice that you uploaded a picture to go with it. You’ll notice that someone has already done some tidying up, but not a huge amount: obviously you got it very nearly right on the first try ;-) If you could do this for more products that would be great.

Pat Patterson

Thanks, Phil - I appreciate the feedback. I’ll do some stubs for some of the other Sun products - I noticed Federation Manager and Identity Manager need them too.

David Gerard

Yep, nice one :-) You may want to note on your user page that you work for Sun, in case some overeager editor thinks you have a conflict of interest … but good-faith contributions are always welcomed.

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