Is anyone using DSML?

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Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) “bridges the world of directory services with the world of XML” (quote from OASIS DSML page). Effectively, it’s an XML encoding of LDAP. Sun implemented it in Directory Server 5.2 way back in June 2003, in common with other directory server vendors (Novell, Microsoft).
The question is, is anybody using it? I’ve never heard of a DSML client in production, and, in my unofficial popularity poll, Google shows only 115,000 hits for DSML, compared to over 7 million for LDAP.
So - has anybody implemented DSML from the client side? And if not, why not?



Jaime Cardoso

The thing is, nobody actually knows what DSML is, yes, yes, I’ve read the concepts but, do developers really think about such things? What can I do with it? How does it compare with products like Tamino? What are it’s main advantages?
Vendors added DSML to it’s LDAP offer but no one really took the time to develop the concept and presented in a clear way. It’s left to the developers to go and find out why they should be using it (and, let’s face it, most of them just don’t have the time to research everything).

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