Identity Open Space - Vancouver - July 20-21

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You might have already seen some blog traffic on the Identity Open Space event coming up in Vancouver, July 20-21, jointly produced by the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) folks and the Liberty Alliance Project.

This is cool (well, cool in a techie/geeky way ), on so many levels:

  • It gives folks who have been working independently on similar problems a chance to meet and get their heads together in a pretty informal setting.
  • All Identity Open Space attendees are invited to attend the Vancouver Liberty members’ meeting, which immediately precedes IOS.
  • It’s an opportunity to drive more convergence in digital identity, and convergence is good.

I sincerely hope Microsoft (active participants in previous IIW events) participate again here; as Kim says “I see you Liberty folks as allies in getting an identity metasystem done”. I certainly count Kim as an ally in making the world safe for identity - I’ve been working with the identity folks at Microsoft for some time now. We showed Infocard on stage at JavaOne (another flock of pigs just flew past my window, by the way) and I’ve recently been working on some WS-Federation integration with ADFS.

It’s like a cake mix starting to come together - an exciting time to be working in identity.

Register for the event here - see you in Vancouver!



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