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I got into my car last night in the Sun parking lot at the Santa Clara campus, pulled away and immediately heard a “Schlup, schlup, schlup” from the rear of the car - I had a flat. Of course, I had everything I needed to fix it… except a pump. AAA were there within the hour, diagnosed the problem as a nail embedded in the tire, changed it for the space saver spare and I was on my way home. Quick, efficient, friendly service. You expect nothing less from AAA.

This morning I took the tire and my car to Wheel Works’ Los Gatos store. They confirmed that the tire was repairable and fit the job in without an appointment. I spent an hour in their lobby, enjoying their free wifi (well, I assume the default ‘linksys’ ESSID was theirs Smile!) and doing some email. When they handed the car over, I asked for the bill, only to be told “Oh - there’s no charge - you bought the tires from us”. They had repaired the damage, put the space saver back in its space in the luggage compartment and put all my gear back on top neat and tidy, all free of charge. Like I said in the title, great customer service.




You had great experience. But if the customer service did not know that you were very good customer, I thought you should have paid for the repair. :-)


Of course, if I hadn’t bought the tires there, they would have charged me. But I was ready to pay for the repair and they gave it to me for free. That cemented my loyalty…

Conor Cahill

I don’t understand why you didn’t just change the tire yourself rather than waiting an hour for someone else to come do it. Seems pretty wimpy to me :-).


Conor - Murphy’s law dictated that my pump was in my garage, 12 miles distant. Now - I may be manly, but blowing a tire to 36 psi by lung pressure alone is beyond me ;-)

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