Glassfish v2 / Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 - it’s here!

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As you’ve almost certainly already noticed, Glassfish turned v2 today, with commercial support available from Sun in the form of Sun Java System Application Server 9.1. New features target the enterprise, with clustering support, improved performance and, arguably most interesting, web services support from Metro. We’re building OpenSSO’s WS-Trust security token service (STS) on Metro.

OpenSSO and Sun Java System Access Manager have supported GFv2 and AS 9.1 for some time now both as a deployment container (recall, OpenSSO/Access Manager is a standard J2EE web application) and via a Java EE policy agent - available here in source form and here as a supported policy agent for Access Manager. It’s also worth pointing out that Access Manager ships with the NetBeans Enterprise Pack - NetBeans, Glassfish, Access Manager and much, much more in one hit. Heady stuff!


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