Fixed Encoding Problems on Planet Identity

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Regular readers of Planet Identity may have already noticed that I recently fixed an annoying problem with character encoding. The HTML content is UTF-8, but Apache was indicating in the HTTP header that it was ISO-8859-1. This caused non-alphanumeric characters in many posts to appear as multiple ‘garbage’ characters. Telling Apache that the encoding is UTF-8 (by setting AddDefaultCharset utf-8 in the relevant “VirtualHost” section of the Apache configuration file) fixed the problem - even Tatsuo Kudo’s posts appear correctly, in Japanese (although I have to use Google Language Tools to figure them out ).
Thanks to David Edmondson (proprietor of Planet Sun) for the tip, and continued thanks to Stephen Lau for hosting Planet Identity.



Robin Wilton

C’mon, Pat… can’t you take a guess at browser language from the http header and do the Google translate of Tatsuo’s blog on the fly for us? Is it so much to ask…??? ;^)
Good job covering Catalyst - sounds like you are mixing with the in crowd…


Uh-huh.. I’ll put that one on the RFE list, Robin :-). Yeah - Catalyst is a lot of fun this year. More blogging to come on that topic, for sure…

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