Five Short Things About Pat

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OK, Eve, you got me. Here are my five.

  1. I’m not really Pat. My legal name is Andrew Patterson. There were four Andrews in my class at school, so we all got nicknames. Mine was Pat, short for Patterson. The others were Fingers, Rico and Chads.
  2. My original university application (UCCA, for those of you who were in the UK education system at the time) was for medicine. That didn’t work out - medicine’s gain was computing’s loss. Or something.
  3. I have Scottish ancestry (from my parents on back) - I got married in a kilt and occasionally wear it for special occasions.
  4. I just got selected for Sun’s SEED mentoring program. I struck the jackpot in that my mentor is a (very well known) Sun Fellow, but I can’t go into any more detail there right now. With my mentor’s permission, I’ll blog about this as it goes along.
  5. My guilty pleasure is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. My mother-in-law brings kilograms of CDM when she visits from the UK and it has a special drawer in our fridge. There’s nothing like a couple of squares straight from the fridge with a nice cup of tea :-)

I’ll pass the baton on to Dennis, Takashi, Gerry, Pamela and Chuck. You guys are it!



Pat mate,

It’s so tempting to abuse this post.

I’m sitting in my mountain bat cave now thinking of the things you’ve done to me after a couple bottles of Scotlands finest..
Here’s my unofficial list (you’ll probably delete this comment anyways and this type of post just deserves to be abused lol )

  1. Pat loves driving fast cars, though really the brute power generated by the third reich’s most infamous love child is really required to drag him around.

  2. Give Pat a chance and he’ll be a drunk (think Peter Griffen), not the American (diet Coke) drunk version but the hardcore in yer face full fat and sugar anglo/scottish version up all night raving ,all rev’d up and ready to burst. Pat once drank two bottles of whiskey on a ferry trip to Amsterdam to celebrate Trustbase’s acquisition by Sun. This quantity of liquer had a mild affect on Pat who then found an affection for the wonderful “there’s a mouse there where on the floor - right there” song, you have to be drunk I suppose. Needless to say, Pat’s a leader in technology and he’s a leader in the pub as well, make mind a bitter mate.

  3. Pat loves technology, he’s a geek, this can be clearly seen by his love of sado T-Shirts with emblems such as “No I will not fix your computer” and “Will work for bandwidth”… it’s a good job your wife loves you mate ;)

  4. We all love Pat (somebody has to)

  5. Pat loves his family more than anything.

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