Final Solutions - Naatak

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The play ‘Final Solutions’ (trailer, pictures, more pictures), centers on Hindu-Muslim conflict in India, from partition to the current day. The play is presented by Naatak, a group of Indian theater enthusiasts here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The curtain raiser article in Indian Express gives much more background.

“OK - that’s very interesting, Pat, but what has it got to do with OpenSSO, identity, or anything I come here to read?” Well, OpenSSO development manager Ajay Sondhi appears in the play - in fact, you can just catch a glimpse of him at 0:29 in the trailer; Ajay is on the far left, with the yellow mask. If Ajay is involved, it’s clearly going to be good, so hop along to the Cubberley Theatre in Palo Alto - the last performance is this Friday, October 17th. Oh yeah, Ajay’s daughter, Kriti, has a lead role, but I don’t think she’s even filed a bug on OpenSSO, let alone committed code, so we’re wandering a little too far off topic with that information


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