Don Bowen - Directory Fan(atic), Human Rolodex, Change Agent

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We have a hallway poster campaign at Sun, highlighting Sun employees for their unique contributions to the company. The latest set of posters include one featuring Wizard of IdM, Don Bowen:

![](images/DonPoster.jpg)   ![](images/adjusted-don.jpg)

As you can see, there have been some, ah, customizations, to the poster on the right.
Here is Don’s quote from the poster:

Three things motivate me at Sun: the people I work with, the technology and opportunity in the Identity Management market, and the customers our products really do help. In my 26 year career, this is by far the best and most fun group of people I’ve ever worked with. One of the most exciting areas in all of technology today is Identity Management. It’s like living in Hawaii - someone’s got to do it. What makes it all meaningful is that what I do really matters. Our customers derive real business value because of what I do at Sun.

Way to go Don!!!



Jaime Cardoso

Loved the pipe :)
BTW, what happened to the Wizard? Did he lost his roller password or something? He hasn’t posted since May :( Please give him a wake up call from an intrested reader

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