Building Identity-Enabled Web Services

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I recently coauthored a technical article on Liberty ID-WSF, JSR 196 and Sun Java Studio Enterprise entitled Building Identity-Enabled Web Services. The article just went live at - here is a slightly adapted version of the intro:

Last October, the article Federated Identity: Single Sign-On Among Enterprises introduced identity federation as it relates to single sign-on (SSO) and demonstrated how Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and the Liberty Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) offer standard mechanisms for crossdomain SSO. That article also briefly described the Liberty Alliance Project’s Identity Web Service Framework (ID-WSF) and its capabilities for identity-enabling Web services.

At a technical session at JavaOne 2005 in San Francisco, we delved into ID-WSF and the new developments in the Java Community Process and in Sun’s products that enable you to efficiently build identity-enabled Web services. This article recaps the content of that session. Specifically, you’ll learn the following:

  • How Liberty ID-WSF identity-enables Web services
  • How components that are based on the J2EE platform, such as JSR 196, insulate you from the mechanics of ID-WSF
  • How Sun Java Studio Enterprise will automate the creation of identity-enabled Web services



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