Blogging from 35,000ft

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I’m sitting in seat 20A of Delta flight 101 from Atlanta to Buenos Aires, catching up with the blogging backlog that built up during the RSA Conference. I usually compose my blog entries directly in Roller’s web UI, but, since there bain’t be no Interweb up here, I’m using Flock’s built-in blog editor, and a very comfortable experience it is. I can type up the bulk of the text in the ‘Editor’ view, tweak formatting in ‘Source’ view and get a pretty good idea of how it will look in ‘Preview’, fiipping back and forth as I go.

While this is very convenient, what is really cool is that I have Flock in ‘offline’ mode, but it allows me to load pages from its cache, so, since most everything I’ve looked at lately is cached, I can just go to a URL, and I see it exactly as if I was connected. This lets me look up links, check references, even view source to remind myself of the formatting I use when posting over at The Aquarium. In fact, it’s probably more productive than being connected, since there’s no email to distract me



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