Be the 800th OpenSSO Member - Win OpenSSO Goodies!!!

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Back in June, OpenSSO reached 700 members. Less than three months later, we’re getting close to the 800 mark. For a bit of fun, we’re offering a $50 gift certificate for the CafePress OpenSSO store to our 800th member. But, there’s a twist. There’s more to it than just signing up for a account and requesting the Observer role in OpenSSO - we need to know how the deployment went for you, so you’ll have to download OpenSSO and deploy it on your favourite Java web container (we like GlassFish, but Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere and many more work fine - see the release notes [PDF]), or simply click here to install and run the Java Web Start version (it has its own embedded instance of GlassFish v3).

Once you’re signed up and have played with OpenSSO, subscribe to the [email protected] mailing list and let us know your username, which version of OpenSSO you downloaded (e.g. build 5), which container you used, and your general impressions. We’re working hard to make the deploy/configure process rock solid, so reports of problems are even more valuable than “It works great!” - much as we like to hear that


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