Back after JavaOne 2009

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Wow - is it really over a month since my last blog entry? I guess that’s what happens when you get your head down into a project - in this case, building a demo for CommunityOne West and JavaOne 2009 to show off the latest OpenSSO features.

The demo brought together a number of existing Java technologies - the Java Persistence API (JPA), the Jersey implementation of JAX-RS (aka JSR 311) on both the client and server, and JavaFX - with some new aspects of OpenSSO - fine-grained authorization (aka entitlements), OAuth protocol support, and a JDBC data store. Briefly, the demo centered on a cellphone account management system delivered as a JavaFX rich Internet application (RIA) client and a (more or less) RESTful web service back-end, communication between them secured by OAuth.

I’ll be uploading source code for the demo client and server apps to the OpenSSO project in the next few days, as well as documenting how to bring up the demo environment. Watch this space for updates!




Cool! Followed the instructions in README successfully.

Only one small glitch. I saw 500 error when running demo test harness at first. By looking at glassfish log, I figured that there's an unwanted 'ssl=off' property in TokenServicePool's 'Additional Properties' tab. Deleting this property solved the issue.

Hope this can help somebody ;)

Pat Patterson

Thanks, Edward - I haven't seen this error, but I updated the README with a note explaining how to fix it if you do run into it.

Please drop me an email (my email address is in the 'Contact me' section of the sidebar on the right of my blog) - I'd like to know more about what you're doing with OpenSSO :-)


Hi, I have gone through the below link I deployed the code StockClinet ,StockServer and TokenService applications.When I am trying to generate the security key it is thorwing exceptions.I am unble to get opensso.war and read me file from

Could you please suggest me or post me somje sample code to get solutions from this.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Patterson

Hi Mounika - unfortunately, it seems like Oracle have taken down all the OpenSSO binary downloads. Forgerock have ‘rehosted’ OpenSSO as OpenAM and have the binaries available at

Karthikeya V

HI I’m trying to integrate two application with help of OpenAM, Normal authentication process are working fine. My issue is when I’m invoking service which exposed in another application getting response as OpeanAM login page html script. I have sent token detail and checked authentication after that invoking that service. Please help me out about this issue.

If there is any material related to this, share with me.

Thanks in Advance

Pat Patterson

Hi Karthikeya - I haven’t worked on OpenSSO/OpenAM in more than two years - you should try the OpenAM mailing list - see

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